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It’ not fun!


I just realized that being a fan is not about having fun, but about living your life for your idol.

You can’t call him oppa.
You can’t try to learn his language.
You can’t share his pics.
You can’t freak out about his body, otherwise you are just lusting over his body.
You can’t make assumptions about his personal life.
You can’t insinuate that your idol is gay, but you can’t insinuate that he is dating either.
You can’t dream about having him one day.
You can’t disagree with things he does.
You can’t have OTPs.
You can’t have personal opinion. You have to share fandom opinion.
You can’t talk about wrong things your idol does. What? He never does wrong things!
You have to love everybody around him, dogs, friends, managers, girlfriends, supposed girlfriends including.
You have to support him, no matter what he does.
You have to like his appearance no matter what he wears.
You have to like all music he does.
You have to spend all your money, time and energy in your idol.
You have to write in your own blog what other fans should do or not to do.
Oh, this is super important, you have to screencap when other fans do things differently of the rules above, and then post in your own blog and make comments about how this person is being a bad fan.

Well, I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a fan.

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kim hanbin

kim hanbin

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이하늬. Lee Ha Nui

이하늬. Lee Ha Nui

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The musician and the listener. If this is love between two strangers watching each other from afar, that rough, burning moment when you rush in and kiss is the show. -Tablo

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"When you have a crush on somebody, and you think that they understand that ,but you’re not sure..
And you’re dropping all kinds of hints, and you think that they’re responding to these hints ,but you’re not sure..
Thinking that you’ve gone too far, you’ve dropped a hint that is just the size of Idaho, and they responded in a way that maybe confused you..
Or they haven’t responded at all ..
Or they responded in a way that seemed like ‘well, maybe I’m gonna- maybe I’m- maybe something’s gonna happen here!’..
And the phrase ‘losing my religion’ is a southern phrase which means that something has pushed you so far that you would lose your faith over it.
Something has pushed you to the nth degree, and that’s what this is about."

Michael Stipe about ‘Losing My Religion’ song (via retnolaras)

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